Thursday, October 7, 2010

31 Hours Without a Cell Phone- by Danielle Green

From 7 pm Tuesday, October 5 until 2 am Thursday, October 7, Lauren, Katrina, and I turned off our cell phones. Here is my experience during this time:
At first, it was a shock to have my phone off and tucked away in my desk drawer. Even though I had let my parents know and felt prepared, I really wasn't. Every few minutes, I would unconsciously reach for my phone and have to remind myself I couldn't have it. "Oh great," I thought, "This is only Tuesday night and I have to get through the whole Wednesday!"
Wednesday morning started off with an empty pocket in my bag. Again, I reached for my phone many times thr
oughout the morning before I started remembering not to. As I walked across campus, I found myself disappointed each time I thought of calling my mom or texting a friend. I
felt disconnected, like I had no social capital.
However, when I headed back to my room at lunch that
all changed. I sat down to check my email and Facebook as usual, and I suddenly realized that, even phone-less, I was completely connected. Not having a cellphone didn't stop me from chatting on Facebook or scrolling down my feed to see what other people were up to. I could still message someone in an instant or post on their wall. Email, while not quite as fast, connected me even further with those who don't have a Facebook. With all of those instant connections, I definitely felt like I had social capital. I still had the power to check my email and Facebook as many times a day as I wanted, and talk to whomever I choose. Not to mention all the face-to-face interactions I had around campus.
In the end, my conclusion was that taking away cellphones does not make us totally disconnected. Although it may take a bit more effort to turn on the computer and navigate to a website rather than picking up my phone and hitting speed dial, I still felt in touch with people across the country. Cellphones increase our social capital, but are not responsible for all of it.


  1. This is a really cute blog! Y'all did a great job explaining what social capital is in a creative format!

  2. This really makes me wonder how people survived without cell phones a couple of years ago! We take little things like this for granted but they are truly amazing devices! I do wonder when we as humans will go completely overboard with the use of cell phones. Maybe we should try to use them less so if for some reason all cell phones explode we will be prepared!!!

    ~Isaiah =D

  3. this is an interesting view on cell phones and social capitals connection. I personally disagree but you did a good job explaining you experience and i can totally relate to the feeling of being out of touch when you don't have you cell phone in your hand! It's not really that that many people call me or text me that i feel unconnected if i don't have it but just the comfort of holding in in my hand makes me feel like i am soooooo much more connected than if i didn't. Hahah i hope that makes sense. Great job you three!!