Friday, October 8, 2010


In the first three minutes of this video, you see how the world of Axiom has really brought society together in a new way. Axiom is a spaceship made for your comfort and happiness. This spaceship gives you everything you want whenever you want it so you will never have to struggle again. Remember those annoying car rides to the grocery store? Forget about those pesky rides to get food. With a push of a button your snack is ready for you whenever you want it. Remember those tiring walks to the mailbox? In the world of Axiom, you'll never have to walk again! Just sit back as you enjoy your cruise in a comfy reclining chair with the world at your fingertips. With the press of a button, find yourself talking to a friend sitting right next to you over a screen device. Axiom is the perfect place for relaxing. Never have to worry about another thing again!

Although Axiom seems to take care of all your all one's needs and troubles, it doesn't seem to have a connection with anything that's going on around you. This video clip reminds me of the exaggerated version of our society today. We are all caught up with electronics, the internet, and other distractions that we have taken own mind completely off the world around us. The people in Axiom still had a connection with the people around them, but seeing people through a screen is different that getting to actually see the person in real life. Through a screen you can only share certain interactions. Although it may seem convenient, imagine not being able to talk to a person face to face.

Socializing online also hinders your increase of social capital. When you are communicating over the web, you are unable to meet new faces. This also applies to other things such as cell phones, iPods, computers in general, and other devices. Whenever we are on these devices, they are distracting from the world around us and keeping us from meeting new faces. So in conclusion, electronics are a big part of our society today, but instead of bringing us together, they seem to be distracting us from others and focusing on ourselves. I think Wall-E is a perfect example of what’s going on in our society today. How we are so distracted on going the easy route that we have completely turned ourselves off from society.


  1. I like this clip a lot. It really shows how disconnected people are. They are never talking fave to face EVER.


  2. This is very interesting! I think if we did just get everything we wanted brought to us immediately then we would not be able to build social capitolism. A lot of the time we spend getting these things while shopping, talking to someone, etc. definitely increases our social capitolism.


  3. Unfortunately i feel as though this video represents what America is completely. Great way to express what social capital is! I am glad we dont have liquid lunch in a cup..

  4. technology has really made things really impersonal and meaningless. this clip truly shows this and i like that. good job. by the way WALL-E is my favorite movie

  5. I thought that the way you related social capital to this movie was amazing. It all makes sense in a way that is very easy to understand.
    Great Job